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Wake up before your exercise routine with Bucked Up Woke AF Pre-Workout Supplement. This high-stimulation supplement boosts energy, optimizes performance, and sharpens your focus to enhance your workout, while Antler Velvet promotes muscle growth and recovery once physical activity has finished.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-workout powder boosts energy and strength before exercise
  • Citrulline-6g maximizes blood flow
  • Actigin-Increase VO2 Max boosts athletic performance
  • IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet accelerates post-workout recovery
  • Alphasize sharpens your focus
  • Beta-Alanine promotes endurance and muscle growth
  • Mix 1 scoop into 6-8 ounces of water to consume 15-30 minutes before your workout
  • Includes 30 servings

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