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KARBZ provides complex carbohydrates for serious athletes with specific needs and goals. KARBZ is built to help customize carbohydrate intake.

Just Carbs.
The only ingredient in KARBZ is maltodextrin; which makes it your go-to source for complex carbs.
-100% Maltodextrin; Long chains of energy-supplying glucose.
-No Added Sugars, Flavoring, Colors or Other Ingredients.

Customize Carb Intake:
Some days you want more carbs than others. KARBZ is designed to let you control the number of carbohydrates you add.
-KARBZ dissolves easily in most beverages and shakes. Mix with preworkout, post workout, or Stax bcaa to increase carbohydrate content.
-KARBZ has little to no taste impact, so you get added carbohydrates without added sweetness.
-KARBZ is a convenient way to get the carbs you want to help reach your goals. Try a jug and add it to any of the products in your current program, to see results for yourself!!!

<<<Stacks well when mixed into the NOIZE preworkout>>>

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