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When mixed with water, Polisorb travels through your digestive tract, grabbing and helping to remove all toxins left in your system (including alcohol) without leaving any footprint in your system.

  • Hangover fix taken as the last shot of the night, it helps avoid hangovers
  • Fast-acting digestive relief including bloating, gas, nausea and loose stool
  • Helps remove irritants not sitting well in your gut, including food allergens and alcohol
  • Easy to take: tasteless and odorless
  • ZERO sugar or additives
  • NO gluten, dairy, egg, nuts or other allergens
  • One 25g jar contains eight (8) adult servings

Take Polisorb at the first anticipation or signs of stomach discomfort or as the last shot of the night to avoid a hangover.

  • Adults: Mix 2 tablespoons in a 1/2-cup of water and drink
    Children: Mix 1 tablespoon with a 1/4-cup of water

    You can use any other clear liquid, or add a squeeze of lemon if you prefer.

For lingering stomach discomfort, continue to take one serving hourly for five hours on day one and one serving three times a day on day two. For best results, hydrate well throughout the day.

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